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Document Number 02501447
Status In Force
Filing Date 2005-03-18
Open to Public Date 2005-09-18
Publication Date 2005-09-18
Grant Date 2014-05-13
  • Klipstein, Donald L.
  • Brass, Jack
  • Whitfield, Robert T.
  • Dobbin, Sarah
  • Hilts, Lorne
  • Hallgrimsson, Bjarki


Work light has LEDs that require heatsink. Desired radiation pattern achieved by using optical components designed to produce beam or LEDs may have beams in different directions. Radiation pattern of LEDs may be changed by refractive-reflective optics or by convex lenses. Convex lenses may be hemispheres, other planoconvex shapes, concavo-convex shapes, or other shapes. Curved surfaces on any lenses may be spherical or aspheric. Ballast to operate the LEDs from line voltage AC or low voltage DC. Work light may contain batteries. The work light may be mounted on a stand. May have accessory mount. May have charging station. May have a paging transmitter to activate a paging receiver in work light. May have openings for heat transfer from heatsink to ambient air external to light.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F21L 14/02 - Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection capable of hand-held use, e.g. inspection lamps
  • F21V 29/70 - Cooling arrangements characterised by passive heat-dissipating elements, e.g. heat-sinks
  • F21K 9/60 - Optical arrangements integrated in the light source, e.g. for improving the colour rendering index or the light extraction
  • F21L 4/00 - Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells
  • F21V 21/08 - Devices for easy attachment to a desired place
  • F21V 21/40 - Hand grips