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Document Number 02460205
Status Inactive
Filing Date 2002-12-30
Open to Public Date 2003-07-24
Publication Date 2003-07-24
Grant Date 2005-05-03
  • R J DORAN & CO LTD. (United Kingdom)
  • Brass, Jack
  • Doran, Richard J.
  • Klipstein, Donald L.
  • Lemons, Thomas M.
  • Hallgrimson, Bjarki
  • Dobbin, Sarah


An LED inspection lamp has plurality of LED sources for emitting electromagnetic radiation at different peak wavelengths for causing visible fluorescence in different leak detection dyes. A lens is associated with each LED. Radiation passing through lenses is superimposed in target area at target distance. Another LED inspection lamp has plurality of LEDs emitting electromagnetic radiation at a peak wavelength. A lens adaptor has lens housing for attachment to LED inspection lamp with a single LED for causing visible fluorescence, and a lens. Substantially all of the radiation from the LED passes through the lens and is focused in a target area at a target distance from the lenses. LED spot lights have a similar confirguration. The LEDs may produce white light from distinct LEDs or from white LEDs. The light may be a flashlight or fixed spot light.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G01N 21/64 - Fluorescence; Phosphorescence
  • F21K 9/00 - Light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements, e.g. using light-emitting diodes [LED] or lasers
  • F21L 4/00 - Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells
  • F21V 5/04 - Refractors for light sources of lens shape
  • G01N 21/00 - Investigating or analysing materials by the use of optical means, i.e. using sub-millimetre waves, infrared, visible or ultraviolet light
  • G01N 21/88 - Investigating the presence of flaws, defects or contamination
  • G01N 21/91 - Investigating the presence of flaws, defects or contamination using penetration of dyes, e.g. fluorescent ink
  • H05B 33/00 - Electroluminescent light sources
  • H05B 33/02 - Electroluminescent light sources - Details